There are lots of Torrents available on the internet, which are easily downloadable on your device for offline use. Downloading any torrents from a torrent site is always the best because you are getting everything in free. Let it be games, software, application etc. you will be getting everything for free of cost. Maximum of you may use these torrent sites for downloading your favorite trending movies on your device. So there are lots of uses of torrent sites nowadays, as everyone wants things for free. This is the only reason why we have brought the best list of the torrent sites of 2017.

So here below you are going to know about the best torrent sites 2017 which you can use to download your favorite torrents from the internet for free. The websites that we have listed below are having lots of features as usual. The special thing about these torrent downloading sites is that it has got the simple downloading procedure and the best interface ever. So to know more about the best torrent websites of 2017 let’s have a look at the list of sites in brief.

Top Best Torrent Downloading Sites 2017: Best Torrents Sites

Kickass Torrent

Talking about the best torrent downloading sites, so how come we not mention about the Kickass Torrent site. Kickass Torrent is one of the best torrent downloading sites, but due to some reason, the website is banned in many countries. But you can easily access to this website by using proxy server or VPN changer tool. The interface of the website is very simple. To find any latest torrent of any categories like movies, games, TV, new etc. Simply click on the categories that are listed below the search bar on the homepage of the site. The search engine of the website is very sensitive and gives the best result from the database of the website. Overall saying the website is filled with all the necessary features, but there are also many irritating popup ads to disturb you while downloading.


When you are downloading anything from a torrent, it is very much important that you check out the leechers and seed. As downloading speed depends on the leechers and seeds of the torrent link. In this torrent site, you can easily check the link health, leechers and seeds on the side of the torrent. So choosing the best torrent download link is very simple in the Extratorrent website. This torrent downloading site is also having a huge torrent database, and everything is categorized in a professional way. Unlike the Kickass Torrent sites, this website is not having any annoying popup ads, so using this is simple and easy. You can also read the news or the latest article in the Extratorrent if you want. So with all these features, this website is also one of the best torrent downloading sites of 2017.


You can simply say that thepiratebay is the replica website of the Kickass Torrent. As the layout of the website is more or less the same and is also having the same interface. You can select the category (all, music, movies, games, application etc.) of the torrent to make the search more specific. Not only this, before downloading torrents like movies or music you can easily check out the trailer to ensure if you are downloading the correct torrent. This website does have an only active torrent download link, so there is no chance to get the broken or dead link. If you are a newbie in downloading torrent, then you can also take help from “How to download Torrents” button below the search bar. You will get all kinds of information for downloading any torrent from the torrent download sites.


If you are looking for the alternative of Extratorrent then Limetorrents is the perfect website for you. As this website is also having health indicator on the side of the torrent and also you can check out the seed and leechers. The interface of the website is very simple and the layout is categorized very well. Here you will find every kind of torrents like music, videos, movies, games, software, application and much more. If you want you can also select the categories (movies, software, TV shows etc.) to see the specific torrent list from the search bar. In this website, you can also vote torrents if you are having an account which is very interesting.


If you only use torrent sites for download movies then you should bookmark the YTS site in your browser. YTS is having a huge collection of Hollywood movies in their database and every movie are available in HD. But unfortunately, if you are a fan of Bollywood, then you will be unsatisfied as there are no Bollywood movies available here. Here, you can also check out the IMDB rating, movie description, casting, and movie reviews before downloading it. So downloading any new movie is very easy, as you only need to read the description and then download. The downloading procedure is also very simple, only select the resolution (720p or 1080p) and then click on the download button. So with all these features, this is also one of the best torrent downloading sites.


This website is basically a torrent search engine where you can search any torrent for free. This torrent search engine collects results from more than 30 torrent sites and displays the result. The search engine is very responsive, so it shows you all the result before hitting Enter button on your keyboard. For searching some of the trending torrents, simply click on the MyTorrentZ button which is present in the header section of the website. The interface of the website is made very simple and the downloading procedure is very simple. Simply click on the verified torrent link (with a green tick) and the click on the download button. So as there are no ads to disturb you, this website also ranks in one of the best torrent download sites of 2017.


This is also one of the best torrent sites, as you are getting all categories of torrents in this website. You can also read articles on this site as there are many sections like the guest, torrent, catalog, box office and much more. So according to your needs, you can simply select any categories and get what you were searching for. In the Torrents category, you will find all kinds of torrents let it be games, movies etc. But if you want a specific result then you can also select on torrent categories (like movies, games, software, application and much more) from the sidebar of the website. For downloading movies you can simply check out the IMDB rating and then start downloading it. Isn’t it very simple?


Sumotorrent is especially a torrent sharing website where you can share your own torrent if you are having an account. The website is totally free of cost which means for downloading and sharing torrent you will not be charged a penny. Here you will get all types of torrents let it be games or videos as everyone keeps on sharing their personal torrents. But before downloading any torrent from this site, you must preview it, so that you download the perfect torrent for your device. Sumotorrent is also having popup ads, but looking at the features you can overcome the ads easily and use it easily.


The interface of the website is totally different from any other torrent downloading sites. 1337X is actually a torrent search engine to search torrents, but it will show results only from their database. To get specific search, you can simply select the options like games, applications, movies, anime etc. So with the help of all these features, you can get the result of only those torrents which you want. Another amazing feature of this torrent site is that you can also share your personal torrent here. So these features are all the reason for which this website is ranked in the best torrent downloading sites of 2017.


After Kickass Torrent site this IsoHunt website is having the most irritating ads. On every click on anywhere on the website, a new unnecessary tab will keep on opening on your browser. But this torrent site is also having many features in it which makes this site ranked in the top 10 position in our list.


iDope is also basically a torrent search engine and it looks really funky with the color combination. The interface of the website is made very simple and accessible, the navigation of the site is also amazing to use. You can simply select the category in the header section to get your desired torrents list in the result. In the homepage, you can view the age of the torrent, size, the number of files and much more.  The other most important features of the torrent search engine are that you will not experience any annoying ads.

Torrent Project

So this is also one of the best torrent search engines that you can use to find your desired torrent. This website is basically a replica of Torrentz2 as it has got primarily the same features as in the Torrentz2. But the only issue of this website is that you will need to access it by using a proxy server, as it is banned in most part of the country. But looking at the overall features this is one of the best torrent downloading sites to download your favorite torrent.


The layout of this website is designed similar to the Kickass Torrent website. But the website is having the same features are the ExtraTorrent website as you can judge the link health, seeds and leechers of the torrent link. The website is handling a huge database of the movies, software and much more. But the main thing is that every torrent is categorized perfectly in a perfect place. So you will find very easy to find out the torrent link that you are searching for. Overall saying this website is made looking to both KickassTorrent and ExtraTorrent website.


If you want to download latest release, trending, featured movies or series then this torrent download website is the best for you. As this website is designed and is having only movies and TV series in their database. Like the other torrent downloading sites, this is also having lots of popup ads to irritate you. But this website is also having some extra features like you can see the viewers rating and IMDB rating without entering in the torrent link and much more. Downloading any torrent from this site is very easy, just enter the torrent and then click on the download button. The file will start getting downloaded on your PC.


This torrent downloading sites is only for those who want to download full TV series in high quality. As the website is having only TV series in their database. So if you want to download any of your favorite TV shows then you can simply get it from here. Not only this, the search engine features are totally different from the other torrent sites. You simply need to search for the TV Show name or select from the drop down menu. So now for downloading, simply click on the magnet icon to download your favorite TV series on your device via torrent client.


Last but not the least Demonoid also comes into count when it is said about the best torrent sites 2017. The interface and the navigation system of the website are made very simple, but in most part, it gets messy as all the torrents are not categorized properly. This torrent site is also having forum, so if you are having any issue then you can easily ask in the forum. So with all these features, Demonoid is also one of the best torrent downloading sites.


So these are all the best torrent downloading sites from where you can download your desired torrents easily. The sites that we have listed below are having different features, so you can choose any of them according to your needs. So pick a website according to your needs and start downloading your favorite torrent on your device. But you should make sure that you use some proxy server to access the torrent downloading sites.



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